Floating Life: Mississippi River Drawings by Liz Ward

Organized by the Tyler Museum of Art, Floating Life is the first large-scale museum exhibition of Mississippi River works by San Antonio artist Liz Ward. The show is open to the public through Sunday, August 25 in the Museum’s North Gallery.

The exhibition spotlights pieces from two recent bodies of work: Ghosts of the Old Mississippi and Veritas Caput. The works from Ghosts of the Old Mississippi are based on geological maps of the river’s ancient courses and inspired by the artist’s childhood memories from South Louisiana. Pieces from Veritas Caput focus on the search for the source of the river by various explorers.

Support for Floating Life is provided by Collectors’ Circle-Gold Sponsors Betty & Dick Summers, with special thanks to Talley Dunn Gallery and Moody Gallery.

General admission is $5 for adults and $3 for seniors. Museum members, students, children under 12, and employees of Tyler Junior College and the City of Tyler are admitted free. For information on becoming a TMA member, call (903) 595-1001, or click here: https://tylermuseum.org/support/membership/